Born in Sicily, Angelo Giampiccolo gets a degree in architecture in Florence/Italy in 1978 and soon after moves to the United States, where he forms his professional background as a photographer in the years between 1979 and 1983. In New York City he acquires a good experience in editorial photoreportage and starts to work as an assistant in some of the biggest professional studios of the Big Apple, collaborating with some LIFE Magazine photographers (Enrico Ferorelli) and The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine (Mike Yamashita). In 1980 he publishes his first photoreportages on prestigious american magazines like GEO/USA and ATTENZIONE Mag. and begins his collaboration with the famous Black Star Photo Agency, that sends him on assignment in the 1981 spring to photograph the second Space Shuttle launch in Cape Kennedy, Florida. Soon after Angelo begins also a profitable and professional collaboration with various Stock Agencies like PHOTO RESEARCHERS Inc., F.P.G. Inc. and GRAZIA NERI in Italy.
In 1983, with his big amount of professional experience acquired in the States, Angelo moves back to Rome/taly, from where he continues his collaboration with the american Stock Agencies. In this period he also starts to work as an
advertising and industrial photographer, signing soon many brochures and campaigns for prestigious names like ALITALIA, TELECOM, ENEL.
Today Angelo lives in the countryside north of Rome, works mainly with digital cameras and his main assignments are geographic editorial photoreportage, stock, industrial and nautical photography. His pictures have the freshness, creativity and quality that only a strong professional background like his and a total devotion for his work can achieve.